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2017 CORE Honorees

During a recognition luncheon on February 24, 8 members of the Wake Forest community were presented with plaques honoring their completion of the CORE program.  Colleagues and supervisors were in attendance to help congratulate the honorees.

The 2017 CORE Honorees include:

Gail Bretan, Office of the ChaplainCORE 2017

Krista Davis, Information Systems

Deborah Hallstead, Office of the Associate Provost for Global Affairs

Joanna Hamilton, Department of Economics

Carol Ann Harris, University Advancement

Danette Johnson, Information Systems

Erica Schoen, Finance and Accounting Services

Deborah Snyder, Teaching and Learning Collaborative (not pictured)

CORE, which stands for “Cultivating our Organization to Realize Excellence,” was launched in September of 2011 as an outcome of the climate survey to offer more sustained developmental options for faculty and staff on campus.  CORE is built around 5 competencies that are meaningful and relevant to our campus:  communication, community, leadership, organizational acumen, and personal progression.

2016 CUPA-HR National Conference

CUPA Conf 2016

Dr. Melissa Clodfelter, Director of the Professional Development Center, and John Champlin, Assistant Director of the Professional Development Center presented during a concurrent session at the 2016 CUPA-HR National Conference held in Washington, D.C. September 25-27.  Their session, “Engaging the Liberal Arts in Leadership Development,”  spoke to innovative development opportunities for Wake Forest University leaders.  Melissa described the Liberal Arts and Engaged Leadership series, a set of four events that offered liberal arts-driven perspectives on leadership.  John described Human Resources’ Leadership Summit and its creative approach to assembling and developing top University leadership.  The sessions attendees, many of them liberal arts graduates or representing liberal arts institutions, were intrigued and engaged.CUPA 2016 2

2016 ODC Conference

ODC logoFor the first time in the history of the Organizational Development Consortium (ODC), the annual conference left the campus of Wake Forest University and arrived at the foot of Pike’s Peak at beautiful Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This begins a rotational model that will take the conference to new campuses on even-numbered years.  Wake Forest will continue to host the event on odd-number years.

Attendees were welcomed by conference organizers during a reception on Sunday evening.  Mingling and networking began as new and returning conference goers interacted.  Excitement grew for the days to come.

Monday morning began with a salutation from Colorado College’s Director of Human Resources, Barbara Wilson.  SheJill's welcome then introduced event’s keynote speaker Dr. Jill Tiefenthaler, Colorado College President.  Dr. Tiefenthaler powerfully spoke to the importance of professional development in Higher Education.  She outlined her efforts as Colorado College President to ensure that faculty and staff on her campus were nurtured and offered opportunities to better themselves.  The emphasized the importance of partnering with leadership and the critical nature of dynamic events and programs to keep engagement high.  Dr. Tiefenthaler previously served as Provost at Wake Forest University and was pivotal in the creation of the Professional Development Center.

John Champlin, of Wake Forest University’s Professional Development Center, offered a brief review of the mission of the ODC and the history of the conference, now in it’s 6th year.  Afterward, the People Development team from Denver University presented on their people development program based on the Colorado 14ers (peaks in Colorado that are at least 14,000 feet above sea level).  The breadth and depth of the offering impressed and inspired many in attendance.

Next, University of New Mexico’s Mary Farias spoke about mindfully and purposefully developing and retooling leadership development programs to fit the needs and culture of the university.  She reminded attendees, “You can’t teach leadership development.  But you can create experiences that allow individuals to engage in leadership.”

Following lunch and a campus tour, Dr. Melissa Clodfelter, Director of the Professional Development Center at Wake BuckleyForest University, offered a model of using coaching to benefit organizational inclusiveness.  She demonstrated how coaching, a growing service on campuses, can be a gentle catalyst for inclusion and social justice.  Melissa was followed by Dr. Paul Buckley who leads several of Colorado College’s diversity and inclusion initiatives for faculty, staff, and students.  Dr. Buckley, Assistance Vice President and Director of the Butler Center, provided context to their workshops around D&I and offered a simulation to those in attendance.

To close the day, a panel of representatives from Colorado College and Wake Forest University spoke to lessons learned from recent launches of campus-wide professional development programs.  Attendees then informally gathered and networked over dinner in downtown Colorado Springs.

Tuesday’s sessions began with Jillian Gonzales from the University of Mexico discussed how she uses Motivational attendeesInterviewing in her work to enhance staff engagement.  Motivational Interviewing is a tool the focuses on client-centered conversations that can generate deeper levels of understanding and support.  The final conference session featured Allie Cox from the University of Georgia and Andy Lang from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  They provided insight into how the UGA Training and Development team partnered with graduate students in the UGA College of Education to develop effective evaluation techniques for a leadership development program.

The conference concluded with the much-beloved Roundtable Q&A with topics covering assessments, Learning Management Systems, fees for workshops, faculty development opportunities, program evaluation, and much more.

Many thanks for the Jessica Bridge and Lisa Brommer for Colorado College for planning a wonderful event.  Additionally, thanks are owed to all of the fantastic presenters and every attendee.  Your participation and spirit make this event special every year.

The 7th Annual Organizational Development Consortium Conference will be held May 21-23, 2017 on the campus of Wake Forest University.

day 2 group shot

Institutions in attendance: Baylor University, Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University – Global, Colorado State University, Columbia University, Grinnell College, Loyola Marymount University, Macalester College, Metropolitan State University of Denver, North Carolina State University, Pikes Peak Community College, Purdue University, Santa Clara University, St. Olaf College, Texas A&M University, University of Arizona, University of Arkansas, University of Denver, University of Georgia, University of New Mexico, Virginia Tech University, Wake Forest University, Wake Technical Community College, Washington & Lee University


2016 CORE Honorees

During a ceremony at Graylyn International Conference Center on Friday, February 26th, 11 members of the Wake Forest University faculty and staff community were recognized for completing their CORE certification.  Guests and supervisors looked on as each honoree received their CORE plaque to rousing applause.

The 2016 CORE Honorees include:

Sara Blackburn, Financial AidCORE 2016

Jeff Eller, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Becky Fisher, University Advancement

Laura Jane Kist, Procurement Services

Kelly Larrimore, Pro Humanitate Institute

Mazie Lewis, Information Systems

Susan McFadyen, Finance Systems (not pictured)

Kim Robertson, University Advancement

Louise Schatz, Counseling Department

Kristi Verbeke, Teaching and Learning Center (not pictured)

The 2016 CORE Leader Honoree:

Keith Allred, Information Systems (not pictured)

CORE, which stands for “Cultivating our Organization to Realize Excellence,” was launched in September of 2011 as an outcome of the climate survey to offer more sustained developmental options for faculty and staff on campus.  CORE is built around 5 competencies that are meaningful and relevant to our campus:  communication, community, leadership, organizational acumen, and personal progression.

FourSight: A New Assessment Tool


Members of the Professional Development Center and Wake Forest University Chief Human Resources Office, Carmen Canales, recently completed a certification granting them permission to issue and debrief the FourSight Thinking Profile assessment.  The assessment determines an individual’s preferences among the four-step innovation process.  The four steps in FourSight’s innovation process are:  clarify, ideate, develop, and implement.  The assessment is simple and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.  Debriefing sessions can be done for individuals or teams.  These sessions explore the four steps in the process as well as the many different combinations of preferences.

As our University community is encouraged to drive innovation, this tool is a fantastic new addition for individuals and departments to heighten their awareness for where their preferences lie.  The tool and its related skill sets help support creative thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and cultures of innovation.

For more information about the assessment, please contact John Champlin at chamjj@wfu.edu.


Professional Development Emphasis Week

PDEW logoWake Forest University’s Professional Development Center partnered with the Association for Talent Development to ATD_logo_webcelebrate Professional Development Emphasis Week December 7-11.  The planning committee organized class room and online learning opportunities to fit five themed days:  Mindful Monday, Tech Tuesday, Work Tools Wednesday, Thrive Thursday, and Fun Friday.  The goal of the week was to inform and energize our campus community around professional development and learning.  As an institute of higher education, it’s critically important that we offer opportunities for our faculty and staff to grow personally and professionally.

Highlights of the week included faculty-led workshops on “The Practice of Mindfulness” and “Humor and Your Health.”  Additionally, the Professional Development Center utilized social media (#PDEWFU15) to promote the week’s events and to collect entries for a wellbeing-themed photo scavenger hunt.  Staff members Shannon Ashford and Michele Kurtz of the Office of the Dean of Students won Thrive gift gags for completing the scavenger hunt’s 8 required tasks.

Many thanks to all of the facilitators and attendees for participating this week and throughout the year!

PDC Assists with “Expanding Horizons” at FTCC

For the third year in a row, John Champlin, Assistant Director of theforsyth_logo Professional Development Center, led a session for Forsyth Technical Community College faculty and staff for their Professional Development Day.  The theme for the day was “Expanding Your Horizons” and John led a class on Professionalism that helped attendees dispel some professionalism myths and broaden attendees’ conceptualization of who a professional is and what a professional does.  The class, which utilizes Bill Wiersma’s Seven Mindsets of Trusted Professionals, challenged participants to consider professionals in the context of the work they do on a daily basis.  “It is a pleasure and an honor to work with Abbie Emms and Tracy Auman of the Talent and Knowledge Development Team at FTCC to help make sure their event is successful.”  said John.  “I look forward to further collaboration.”

Organizational Development Consortium Formed

ODC logoThe Wake Forest University Professional Development Center recently partnered with professional and organizational development colleagues from across North America to form the Organizational Development Consortium (ODC).  The ODC will consist of colleagues from higher education institutions, whether their focus be on learning, training, professional development, or organizational development for faculty and staff.  Members will be committed to sharing best practices in an effort to see our institutions succeed.

The idea for such a group grew from the Professional and Organizational Development Conference hosted by the Professional Development Center at Wake Forest for since 2010.  The original idea for this conference was to bring together people who are doing similar work to have more focused conversations than other professional conferences sometimes allow.

The ODC will continue to hold yearly conferences and will likely explore more frequent regional events.  The 2016 ODC Conference will be held at Colorado College in Colorado Springs August 7-9.  The 2017 conference will be held in May on the Wake Forest University Campus.  The event will rotate between the WFU campus and other ODC member campuses every other year.

Registration for the 2016 conference opens April 18th.

5th Annual Professional and Organizational Development Conference

The Professional Development Center at Wake Forest University was happy to welcome attendees from across North America for the 5th Annual Professional and Organizational Development Conference.  What began as a small gathering of colleagues in 2011 has grown to a nationally-known conference drawing learning and organizational development professionals from 28 higher education institutions from the United States and Canada.  From March 8th through 10th, colleagues networked, shared best practices, and collaborated on various professional and organizational topics.

The event began on Sunday afternoon with “The PDC Story,” an opportunity for attendees to learn more about WFU’s Professional Development Center and its programs.  The group then moved to Zick’s for a welcome reception on one of the first beautiful spring evenings of the year.  After dining and conversing on the patio overlooking Hearn Plaza, the conference case study was introduced and participants were given time to discuss the case with their diverse groups.

room is preppedMonday morning conference-goers gathered in Kirby Hall for the conference sessions which included:

  • “Excel at CC” presented by Lisa Brommer from Colorado College
  • “Human Performance Technology in the OD Setting” presented by Nathan Strong from the University of South Carolina
  • “Transforming Performance Management” presented by Wanda Hayes and Randall Lucius, both from Emory University
  • “Building Bench through Knowledge Transfer” presented by Jackie Greenlee from Guilford Technical Community College

The last session of the afternoon featured a Roundtable Discussion on various topics:  the Great Colleges to Work For survey, staff mentoring programs, employee onboarding, useful assessments, HR Liason/Representative programs, and more.groups discussing the case

Tuesday morning six groups presented on how they would hand the fictional organizational development case study that presented three challenging people/departments for a newly hired leader.  The presentations were extremely well done and presented multiple facets of OD and different approaches to difficult situations.

The Professional Development Center staff offers its deepest appreciation for the individuals who were able to attend!

Additional conference photos can be found here.

Attendee quotes:

“”This conference exceeded my expectations on every level!  I have already told several colleagues about it and encouraged them to attend next year.  The effort and care you put into planning and facilitating speaks volumes about  WFU’s deep commitment to learning and development.”

-Susan Coan, Director, Organizational Development and Learning, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“This was the best conference I have attended. From the handwritten welcome note, to the facilitated round table discussions every aspect of this conference was thoughtful and robust.”

“I felt this conference was a huge value for a low cost, much more so than larger conferences.”

Institutions in attendance:  Appalachian State University, Bucknell University, Colorado College, Concordia College, Elon University, Emory University, Forsyth Technical Community College, George Mason University, Guilford Technical Community College, James Madison University, North Carolina State University, South Piedmont Community College, University of Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Denver, University of Georgia, University of North Carolina – Asheville, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, University of Richmond, University of South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wake Technical Community College, Western University

2015 CORE Honorees


On Friday, February 13, the 2015 CORE Honorees were recognized for their achievement at a luncheon held at Graylyn International Conference Center.  Nine individuals from across campus completed the necessary requirements for CORE Certification.  In attendance were supervisors and colleagues who have provided guidance and support to the honorees as they attended classes and workshops focused on personal, professional, and community development.

The 2015 CORE Honorees include:

John Champlin, Professional Development CenterIMG_3348

Robin Godwin, Sports Medicine

Tomma Guastaferro, Professional Development Center

Karen Logan, Physics

Ellen Meachum, Registrar’s Office

Barbara Meredith, Office of the Provost

Leslie Spencer, University Theater (not pictured)

Steven Wicker, Instructional Technology Group

Kim Widener, Financial Services

CORE, which stands for “Cultivating our Organization to Realize Excellence,” was launched in September of 2011 as an outcome of the climate survey to offer more sustained developmental options for faculty and staff on campus.  CORE is built around 5 competencies that are meaningful and relevant to our campus:  communication, community, leadership, organizational acumen, and personal progression.