Remote-Working @ Wake Seminar Series

The PDC has launched a special series, Remote-Working @ Wake, to support faculty and staff as the campus virtualizes to meet the needs and challenges of this unique time. Topics will range from creating a productive remote-working space, virtual collaboration, and managing from a distance. Check back often for an updated listing of offering days/times.  Recordings from some previously offered sessions are also listed below.

Current Sessions

The PDC is currently developing new content.  Please check back regularly for an updated listing of current sessions.

Recordings of Previously Offered Sessions

Making Sense of Difficult Times and Life Experiences

How we make sense of our current experience is a function of many variables such as our past experiences, the future we envision for ourselves, the data we pay attention to, the conversations we have with ourselves and others, and the things we fear. Lack of time, emotional weight, and attaching to a point of view are some of the barriers to fully exploring our experiences through multiple perspectives.

The purpose of this webinar is to give you time to explore your experiences, identify the lenses you hold and gain access to new lenses. You will engage in discussions with fellow participants, learn a few frameworks, and receive additional resources. We will encourage you to use this information to deepen what you are currently learning about your life experiences now and well beyond the webinar.

Listen to the recorded session by clicking here.

Working Remotely Tips & Tricks: Strategies and self-compassion for working parents & caregivers during COVID-19

This virtual panel will feature working caregivers sharing their experiences working from home (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and offering tips and tricks to others who are now working remotely while caregiving.  We are all learning together right now! Join our panel as they help you feel less alone and leave you with their tips and tricks to help make remote-work work better for you.

Topics for the panel to explore:

    • Mental health, self-compassion and setting boundaries,
    • Mindfulness and gratitude, 
    • Strategies to reduce feelings of isolation that many parents feel and opportunities to find community virtually. 
    • What does wellbeing look like for working parents?  What resources are available to working families at Wake?

Listen to the recorded session by clicking here.

Keep Leading: Supporting and Managing Performance Remotely

In this course, supervisors will explore the importance of supporting team members during this time of uncertainty and continuing to lead and manage performance remotely.  Specific strategies and best practices on the topics listed below will be discussed.

    • Leadership Agility, Adaptability, and Empathy
    • Assessing Remote Working Capabilities
    • Supervisory and Performance Clarity
    • Delegation and Accountability

Listen to portions of the recorded session by clicking here

Working Remotely: A Conversation on Equitable and Inclusive Supervision Practices

This workshop will shed light on the unique ways that our implicit biases and gender expectations surface when supervising employees who are working remotely.  We will focus on supervising employees with caregiving responsibilities at home. This will be an interactive virtual dialogue and provide opportunities for supervisors to discuss current challenges and brainstorm solutions for equitably managing a remote workforce.

Listen to portions of the recorded session by clicking here.