More Successful Family Nutrition

Has your family’s nutrition suffered lately?  Are you struggling to get back on-track within a tight schedule? If you have children then do you feel overwhelmed about their school lunches and snacks? Fall is a perfect season to move forward with better family nutrition. There’s good news. You can…Learn to plan for weekday meals in less time. Find a realistic balance with home cooking and take out. Feel less worry about the nutritional quality of what your family members, including children, are eating.

Cope better at your family meal table this fall with the help of Cindy Silver, an experienced registered dietitian, and BCBSNC Nutrition Services Provider. Cindy will help you discover how getting organized and staying calm when managing family nutrition will help keep you well and energize your life. 


Please note: This private, telehealth session is available to all WFU employees and family members with the BCBSNC Blue Value health insurance. There is no copay or other out-of-pocket cost for the session. More information about Cindy Silver may be found at

Other topics are available from Cindy, on request. 336-712-5239 or