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Safe Zone Training (Faculty, Staff & Students)

The Safe Zone program is an in-depth, interactive presentation designed to educate Wake Forest faculty, staff, and students about the LGBTQ community. Anti-LGBTQ bias and prejudice affects all members of a community, and we all have the opportunity to work against it. Participants learn what it means to be an ally—a person who supports and stands up for the rights of LGBTQ people—as well as how to create a Safe Zone. Allies who have completed the training program will be given a Safe Zone sticker, identifiable to the entire campus, which may be displayed on the ally's door to designate it as a safe place for all members of the community.

This class is open to faculty, staff, and students.

Note: When registering for this course, you will be asked to provide a supervisor name and email address. If you do not know who to list as your supervisor, input your own name and email address.