The Perfect Partnership Storm: Evaluating Employee Leadership Development

  1. Thursday, January 14th, 20169:40am - 10:45am

 High Impact Leadership: Essentials is a leadership develop program at the University of Georgia designed for all employees regardless of positional authority.  The program’s aim is to develop strong personal leader capacities through reflection, inquiry, and goal-setting, and to teach skillful means through tools and application so that employees at any level can better meet the demands of their current work environment and the roles to which they aspire.  Last year, the leadership program developers in the Training and Development Center partnered with graduate students in a program evaluation class in the College of Education to assess the impact of the program in its current form.  In this session, representatives from High Impact Leadership: Essentials and the program evaluation class will present the leadership program curriculum, describe the evaluation project and engagement between Training and Development and the graduate class, and discuss the findings of the evaluation.

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    Colorado College (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
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