Leading the Way: Breaking New Ground in Leadership Development

  1. Monday, August 8th, 201611:10am - 12:10pm

 Leadership is a pressing need in all organizations. However, limited budgets and resources demand that developmental opportunities provide maximum return on investment.

 How does an institution of higher learning leverage both best practices in adult education and its own rich stock of resources to provide a framework for development that’s directly tied to university goals, uncovers leadership ability and passion across the organization, and is responsive to today’s need for just-in-time development?

 Learn how the University of New Mexico’s Employee and Organizational Development group tackled these challenges and how the inclusion of the following features led to an entirely new model for developing leaders in our organization:

§  Individually driven focus with a strong web of manager and organizational support

§  Peer-learning model situated in a cohort centered environment

§  Deliberate, UNM-specific contextualization of leadership concepts and

§  Real-world, hands-on project work that actively supports university goals

 The session will provide an overview of the philosophy behind its development, the realities of getting it up and running, and lessons learned from the launch of its inaugural session.

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    Colorado College (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
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