Spiritual Wellbeing: Spirituality and Social Unrest

  1. Tuesday, February 16th, 201612:00pm - 1:00pm

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Have you been wondering what part your spirituality and religious convictions play in the myriad social awakenings? Do you ponder whether you should become involved, be vocal, or elevate to a higher vibration?  Do you have questions as to whether your religious convictions or spiritual practice support advocacy? Do you wonder whether becoming entangled in discord will remove your rest and cloud you with negativity? If you have answered yes to any of this, or answered a solid no, then this workshop is for you! While this workshop is open to everyone, the plumb-line of the conversation will be rooted in Christology and its influence on various religions and practices as spirituality pertains to social un-rest. 

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:  

  • Learn to identify and use the healing life force that exist in each of us to infuse positivity and peace through un-rest.
  • Understand how spirituality aligns and disjoints from social unrest. 
  • Create space in your daily life to focus on self-examination and introspection; and
  •  Purposely and consciously use your spiritual practices to help promote the propagation of peace. 

Snacks will be served!

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    Benson Center 409
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    Snacks will be served!
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    • Tomma Guastaferro: • 758-4394