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Mindfulness and Building Personal Wellbeing - 10/27/2015 -

WFU | The Professional Development Center

Wake Forest University

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Mindfulness and Building Personal Wellbeing

  1. Tuesday, October 27th, 201512:00pm - 1:30pm

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Campus life and all of its demands – for faculty, staff, and students – can quickly erode personal health, mental clarity, and emotional enthusiasm.   But there are remedies that will build resilience in the face of these demands.  Mindfulness practices can be a centerpiece among one’s personal approaches to enhance wellbeing. 

This session will take a brief look at the research evidence for mindfulness meditation and its positive impact across the wide range of domains of wellbeing.  We will each complete a simple 14-item mindfulness inventory to get a sense of personal strengths and weaknesses around mindful living.  We will learn and practice some specific mindfulness meditation techniques – with the intention of finding how this invaluable wellbeing practice could be part of your life, with as little as five or ten minutes daily. 

A research example from George Mason University will also be presented for how mindfulness meditation can be built into the rhythm of an academic semester, and the demonstrated effectiveness of the practice on students.

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  • Location:
    Benson Center 401 A
  • Special Notes:
    Food will be served.
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    Faculty, Staff
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    • Tomma Guastaferro: • 758-4394