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The Missing Link: ArchiveIt at WFU - 3/11/2014 -

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The Missing Link: ArchiveIt at WFU

  1. Tuesday, March 11th, 201410:00am - 11:00am

The web is vast and unorganized, making it difficult to collect and to curate for archival and research purposes. Rebecca Petersen, Kevin Gilbertson, and Craig Fansler will share the fascinating work they've been doing in an effort to capture the University's web presence using ArchiveIt. They will discuss:

  • web archiving in the scope of a university archive
  • challenges and successes associated with web archiving, such as capturing social media content
  • archival strategies for building and maintaining a web archive

Come learn from your colleagues about what it means to "archive" the Web!






Event Details

  • Location:
    ZSR Library Auditorium 404
  • Sponsor:
  • Open To:
    Faculty, Staff
  • Facilitated by:
    Kevin Gilbertson, Craig Fansler, Rebecca Petersen
  • Questions? Please contact:

    • Chelcie Rowell: