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Financial Planning for Retirement - 1/22/2014 -

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Financial Planning for Retirement

  1. Wednesday, January 22nd, 201411:00am - 12:00pm

Join Jared McVey of Fidelity Investments for a workshop about ways to help boost your savings during your working years and steps you can take as you prepare for retirement.


In this workshop, Jared will address topics such as:

  •    Identifying sources of retirement income, including Social Security
  •   Assessing the impact of future health care costs in retirement
  •    Evaluating expenses and strategies to fill the gap

Jared will also answer your questions about saving and investing for retirement.  The workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in learning how to prepare a financial plan for retirement, whether that time for you is soon or years from now.  It doesn't matter which vendor you use for your retirement savings, since the topic is not specifically related to Fidelity.

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