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TA and PostDoc Series: Grading with Rubrics - 10/17/2013 -

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TA and PostDoc Series: Grading with Rubrics

  1. Thursday, October 17th, 20133:30pm - 4:45pm

Let’s talk about how rubrics can help you clearly communicate your expectations to students, provide better feedback, and streamline your grading process. We’ll also outline a process you can use to create rubrics for future assignments in your courses.


The Teaching and Learning Center's New Instructor Workshops are specifically designed to target the needs of post docs and teaching assistants on both the Reynolda and Bowman Gray Campuses.

Event Details

  • Location:
    Reynolda Hall, Small Conference Room, 308
  • Sponsor:
  • Open To:
    Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff
  • Facilitated by:
  • Questions? Please contact:

    • Kristi Verbeke: • 2308