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Handling Student Resistance to Learner-Centered Teaching - 9/25/2013 -

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Handling Student Resistance to Learner-Centered Teaching

  1. Wednesday, September 25th, 20133:30pm - 4:45pm

Students will often resist learner-centered teaching for a variety of reasons: 1) because it requires more work on their part, 2) they see the new approaches as threatening for their performance, 3) they may feel the ‘loss’ of having someone else make decisions for them, or 4) they are simply developmentally not ready to do what we are asking them to do. We see resistance in partial compliance behaviors, passive and nonverbal refusals to cooperate, and even with openly challenging behaviors or questions from students. We will explore 4 principles and their related strategies for meeting these challenges.

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    Reynolda Hall 301
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    Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff
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    • Catherine Ross: • 4559