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How Flipping the Classroom Builds Stronger Student Skills - 10/10/2012 -

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How Flipping the Classroom Builds Stronger Student Skills

  1. Wednesday, October 10th, 20123:00pm - 4:30pm
In this workshop we will discuss which teaching and learning activities are most effectively done during our face to face meeting time with students, and which the students could be asked to accomplish on their own outside class meeting time. By thoughtfully making these choices, sometimes in surprising "flipped" ways, research tells us we can improve student readiness for in class activity as well as their engagement with the content of the course, fellow students, and the instructor. Participants will leave with a plan for "flipping" some portion of a course they teach.

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    Reynolda Hall 301
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    Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff
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    • Brenda Know: • 4810