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Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck - 10/1/2012 -

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Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck

  1. Monday, October 1st, 20124:00pm - 5:00pm

Why can’t we look away? Whether we admit it or not, we’re fascinated by evil. Dark fantasies, morbid curiosities, Schadenfreude: As conventional wisdom has it, these are the symptoms of our wicked side, and we succumb to them at our own peril. But we’re still compelled to look whenever we pass a grisly accident on the highway, and there’s no slaking our thirst for gory entertainments like horror movies and police procedurals. What makes these spectacles so irresistible? Professor Eric G. Wilson, a specialist in Gothic literature and a lifelong student of the macabre, attempts to answer this question. Copies of Professor Wilson's book, Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck, will be available for purchase and signing, and it is Wake Forest Alumni Book Club's September selection.

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