Nietzsche and Community Conference

  1. Sunday, April 15th, 20125:00pm - 8:30pm
  2. Monday, April 16th, 20129:00AM - 6:15pm
  3. Tuesday, April 17th, 20129:00AM - 6:30pm

 A prominent issue embraced by the conference theme is the question of whether Nietzsche is to be read as arguing that the community should exist for the sake of the exceptional individual or as arguing the opposite, that the exceptional individual should exist for the sake of the community. But many other issues may be related to the theme: Nietzsche and Hegel, Nietzsche and Wagner, Nietzsche and Heidegger, Nietzsche and Ferdinand Tönnies, Nietzsche and Leo Strauss, the role of myth in Nietzsche's thought, Nietzsche and religion, Nietzsche and Greece, Nietzsche's philosophy of education, Nietzsche and women, Nietzsche and Darwinism, Nietzsche and politics, the character of Nietzsche's 'sovereign individual', the question of the continuity of Nietzsche's thought, and so on.

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    Benson Center
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    • : Debra Alty: • 336.758.3224