D.E.A.C. Allies (Workshop 2): The Gender Binary and Beyond

  1. Wednesday, October 20th, 20219:30am - 11:00am

 D.E.A.C. (Developing Empowering and Affirming Communities) Allies is a workshop series designed to build participants' knowledge and skills through a scaffolded learning approach. Workshops are designed to deepen knowledge around topics of sexual orientation and gender, and to equip participants with skills for building intentionally inclusive communities that welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

The Gender Binary and Beyond is the second workshop in the core trio and centers on gender, including gender identity, gender expression, and analyzing the myriad ways individuals may experience gender. Participants will develop skills for ensuring spaces and practices are inclusive for people of all genders. 

The core trio of D.E.A.C. Allies workshops (LGBTQ+ 101, The Gender Binary and Beyond, and Skill Development + Practice) build upon one another; however, there is no requirement to take each of the workshops or to take them in order. If you are new to conversations about gender identity and sexual orientation, we recommend starting with LGBTQ+ 101. If you have questions about the sequencing of the workshops or where to begin, please contact us at lgbtq@wfu.edu. 

This workshop will take place virtually, and access information will be emailed to registrants in advance of the workshop. In order to maintain security of the workshop, access information will be emailed to participants approximately 24 hours prior to the workshop - if you register within 24 hours of the workshop, please also email lgbtq@wfu.edu to ensure we share the access information. 

 If you have a wakehealth.edu email address, our system unfortunately will not allow you to register - please email us at lgbtq@wfu.edu so we can register you! 

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    Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff, Students
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    AJ Mazaris, Kayla Lisenby-Denson
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