Quality Circle

  1. Friday, March 18th, 20229:00am - 12:00pm

In this seminar participants will learn how to put their federal, state, foundation, and corporate grant proposals through a quality circle before submittal.

Seminar participants will learn how to:

* evaluate their proposals using the actual review system they will encounter

* identify the areas of their proposals that are weak and improve them to increase their scores

* eliminate proposal errors and other elements that cost points

* and make their proposals more readable from the grantors perspective

They will also learn how to set up and conduct a grants quality circle exercise to improve their colleagues' proposals before submission.

Participants will leave this seminar with the skills necessary to:

* develop a quality circle setting and provide and maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the exercise

* establish the parameters for the scoring system to be used and the time spent reading each proposal section

* assist the quality circle participants in role playing the actual reviewers based on reviewer backgrounds, viewpoints, and biases

* get everyone in the quality circle to participate and provide their opinions

* handle group members who may not follow the quality circle guidelines and keep the group on time and task.

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