Making Sense of Difficult Times and Life Experiences

  1. Friday, June 26th, 202011:00am - 12:00pm

How we make sense of our current experience is a function of many variables such as our past experiences, the future we envision for ourselves, the data we pay attention to, the conversations we have with ourselves and others, and the things we fear. Lack of time, emotional weight, and attaching to a point of view are some of the barriers to fully exploring our experiences through multiple perspectives.  


The purpose of this webinar is to give you time to explore your experiences, identify the lenses you hold and gain access new lenses. You will engage in discussions with fellow participants, learn a few frameworks, and receive additional resources. We will encourage you to use this information to deepen what you are currently learning about your life experiences now and well beyond the webinar.



  • Awareness of the lenses you hold when interpreting your experiences across time
  • Gain access to different lenses to derive deeper and multiple meanings from your experiences 
  • Identify ways to apply this knowledge and insight to future challenges


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