Becoming a "Model Teacher"

  1. Wednesday, March 20th, 20193:30pm - 4:45pm

Being an excellent university teacher means (re)considering your teaching at a number of different levels: face-to-face interaction with students, your training/education, course design, implementation of learning goals, and assessments. In their book, An Evidence Based Guide to College and University Teaching, Richmond, Boysen & Gurung (2016) describe a model they developed to encompass the dimensions of excellent teaching. In this workshop, we will learn about the teaching competencies outlined in their model, practice self-reflection on how to improve our model teaching, and get specific tips and ideas to use in the classroom. Model teaching criteria are an excellent way to gain formative information about our own teaching, as well as serve as a guide for tenure and promotion.

Event Details

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    ZSR Library 665 (TLC Classroom)
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  • Open To:
    Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff
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    • Kristi Verbeke: • 336-758-2308