Incoming WFU 2018 Students: What They Know (and Don't Know) about Academic Reading and Writing

  1. Wednesday, September 19th, 20183:30pm - 4:45pm

In this talk, Dr. Aull will share information about the incoming 2018 cohort of students based on their writing self-placement materials. She will discuss what kinds of reading and writing incoming students are most familiar with, as well as their reported perceptions of academic writing. She will share examples of problematic issues and perceptions as well as some promising associations that can be used to help clarify reading and writing expectations with first-year students.

Event Details

  • Location:
    ZSR Library 665 (TLC Classroom)
  • Special Notes:
    ZSR 665 classroom is in the Wilson Wing of the ZSR Library
  • Sponsor:
  • Open To:
    Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff
  • Facilitated by:
  • Questions? Please contact:

    • Kristi Verbeke: • 336-758-2308