(Lunch & Learn) Gatekeepers 3: Contact Theory and Dialogue

  1. Wednesday, March 14th, 201812:00pm - 4:00pm

Please Note:  You MUST complete Gatekeepers I & II prior to participating to this class.

“Gatekeepers III:  Contact Theory and Dialogue” is the third workshop in the Gatekeepers Workshop Series.  Engaging in effective dialogue is challenging to most individuals because dialogue, by definition, is having conversation for the sole purpose of understanding someone better; whereas, debate is defined as having a conversation for the sole purpose of winning. Workshop participants will learn and practice dialogue skills. Contact Theory proposes that equal-status contact between antagonistic groups should lower tension and breed greater harmony. Allport wrote that “contact must reach below the surface in order to be effective in altering prejudice. Only the type of contact that leads people to do things together is likely to result in changed attitudes” (Allport, 1958).  If you have completed Gatekeepers I & II and are interested in developing your understanding of contact theory and dialogue skills, this class is for you.

Event Details

  • Location:
    Reynolda Hall 301
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  • Open To:
    Faculty, Staff
  • Certifications:
    CORE (Community - Required), CORE AP (Community - Required), CORE Leader (Community - Required)
  • Facilitated by:
    Shannon Ashford
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    • Shayla Herndon-Edmunds:
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