"Just One Word"

  1. Thursday, November 2nd, 201712:00pm - 1:30pm

“Just One Word” is a moderated dialogue that takes place over a lunch or dinner, during which participants share their understanding and experience of a specific word. Our word for this semester is "empathy!"  Years ago, one of my mentors reminded me that while we may use the same words but that doesn't mean that we are using the same dictionary. That idea has stayed with me and I've come to appreciate conversations like the one we'll have soon. Participants will recieve a prompting question beforehand that will help them to think about their response in advance. This event is interactive and designed in a way that requires everyone to participate in a discussion about, "just one word."

About the Empathy Challenge

This fall all first-year students participated in a workshop entitled, "Building Community through Diversity and Inclusion" as a part of their orientation.  The workshops, led by Resident Advisors, focused on empowering participants to use empathy as a tool for building extraordinary relationships. And as a result of the feedback from our students, the polarizing times that we are living in, and our desire to continue our conversations about empathy and community, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion is launching the "Empathy Challenge," an initiative that will invite all members of our community to engage in activities and programming, like "Just One Word" that will encourage us all to use the power of empathy to build community.


Event Details

  • Location:
    Wait Chapel, Balcony Room
  • Special Notes:
    Lunch will be provided. Please let us if you have any need for accommodation.
  • Sponsor:
  • Open To:
    Faculty, Staff
  • Facilitated by:
    Office of Diversity & Inclusion