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Winning with People: Part 2 (Communication) - 9/13/2017 -

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Winning with People: Part 2 (Communication)

  1. Wednesday, September 13th, 201710:00am - 11:30am

 In Winning with People: Part 1,  6 of John C. Maxwell's 25 Ways to Win with People are dicussed.  In Part 2, we'll explore 6 more of Maxwell's tips.  Class attendees will discuss and focus on how we can better communicate with others and how we can form strong, lasting relationships.  Participants may find that the root of individual happiness and success can be found in enhancing the happiness and success of others.

Note that Part 1 and Part 2 are not sequential.  Participants are welcome to register and attend the classes in any order.

Event Details

  • Location:
    Reynolda Hall 301
  • Sponsor:
  • Open To:
    Faculty, Staff
  • Certifications:
    CORE (Communication - Required), CORE AP (Communication - Required), CORE Leader (Communication - Required)
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  • Questions? Please contact:

    • John Champlin: • x6109