Judaism & Islam 101 - Spring 2018

  1. Thursday, August 31st, 201712:00pm - 1:00pm
  2. Thursday, September 7th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  3. Thursday, September 14th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  4. Thursday, September 21st, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  5. Thursday, September 28th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  6. Thursday, October 5th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  7. Thursday, October 19th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  8. Thursday, October 26th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  9. Thursday, November 2nd, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  10. Thursday, November 9th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  11. Thursday, November 16th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  12. Thursday, November 30th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm
  13. Thursday, December 7th, 201712:00PM - 1:00pm

About Judaism & Islam 101 at WFU

Judaism 101 at WFU is an on-going Lunch and Learn series, which meets weekly on Thursdays from 12:30pm to 1:30 pm,  We explore, share, compare, and discuss various aspects of Judaism and Islam. These sessions are open to the ENTIRE WFU and W-S communities.

This informal educational series is facilitated by Gail Bretan, Director of Jewish Life at WFU, and Naijla Faizi, Director of Muslim Life at WFU, along with various WFU faculty, staff, alumni, students, and Winston-Salem Jewish community members who will bring their expertise on the topic of the day.

These are educational sessions, respectful and accepting of all our traditions. They are not political forums. Each session is self-contained, and no experience or knowledge about Judaism or Islam is required to join us.

There is always a handout given at each session with an overview and links to other information about the subject.  At the end of each session is a question and answer period.  

For more information or to suggest a topic, please contact:

1) Gail at bretangh@wfu.edu or (336) 758-4056, or

2) Naijla at faiznr0@wfu.edu or (336) 758-2936

The following topics will be covered during the Spring 2018 sessions.

Date                                          Topic

§  February 1, 2018.     #1 Sacred Texts: Qur'an, Hadith, Tanakh, Talmud (Room 344)

§  February 8.    #2 History of the Jewish and Muslim communities in America

§  February 15.   #3 Sectarianism: Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative, Sunni, Shi'a, etc.

§  February 22.   #4 Jewish and Islamic Music

§  March 1.   #5 Islamic and Jewish Art 

§  March 8.   Spring Break (no class)

§  March 15.   #6 Role of Women in Judaism and Islam: Female Leadership and Scholarship, Feminism

§  March 22.   #7 Social Justice Issues from Jewish and Islamic Perspectives: Race, Socioeconomic, Gender

§  March 29.   #8 LGBTQ+, Approaches and Interpretations in Judaism and Islam

§  April 5.   #9 Courtship and Marriage in Judaism and Islam

§  April 12.   #10 Birth and Death Rituals in Islam and Judaism

§  April 19.   #11 Financial Ethics in Judaism and Islam

§  April 26.   #12 Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia Currently in the U.S. and actions you can take

Event Details

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    Reynolda Hall, Heritage Room
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  • Questions? Please contact:

    • Gail Bretan: • 336-420-0730