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Serenity Toolbox: Learn to build your personal space of peace and reflection - 10/12/2016 -

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Serenity Toolbox: Learn to build your personal space of peace and reflection

  1. Wednesday, October 12th, 201612:00pm - 1:00pm
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Learn how to promote your own emotional well being through intentional placement of objects that give purpose to ordinary spaces. This class provides a basic understanding of how you can use natural elements; techniques of Feng shui and soundscapes to create your own personal island of peace.

Objectives: During this experience participants will learn: To establish an environment of retreat in your home or office to nurture your personal introspection and peaceful well being. To understand basic purposes of natural elements and how to blend other life forces and techniques to provide harmony and balance to your personal space. To understand basic principles of Feng shui that promote an understanding of location, direction and purpose to harness positive energy in a home or other space. 

Skills Gained: As a result of this workshop, participants will learn how they can take a designated space and create a warm and inviting personal retreat to restore personal balance and well being.

Tangible Tools: Each participant will be provided a "serenity toolbox" full of information of how to build their environment to promote personal well being. 

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  • Location:
    Reynolda Hall, Autumn Room
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    Faculty, Staff, Students
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    • Alexa King: • 336.758.4370