Diversity & Inclusion

Partnership and Sharing the Vision

The PDC is an advocate of the University”s commitment to be a catalyst for diversity and inclusion.  We value our partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to support its efforts and encourage a rich sense of community.

The PDC is also a partner in the Gatekeepers initiative.  Gatekeepers is a training program for staff and faculty that introduces participants to the meaning and value of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion; enhances participants’s knowledge and understanding of cultural differences, similarities, and perceptions, and provides tools that help participants to become more self-aware and to more effectively engage in building and maintaining a more diverse and inclusive community.  Multiple levels of Gatekeepers is offered throughout the year and is a part of the CORE program.

Showing events 1 - 3

    • iLab 102 (previously GateKeepers 2): Approaches to Cross-Cultural Conflict

    • Friday, February 1st, 201912:30 pm - 4:00 pm
    • Approaches to Cross-Cultural Conflict is the second workshop in the iLab Series. If you have ever had an unpleasant conflict that you wish could have been handled more effectively, or hesitated to have a conversation about diversity because you feared it would not have a positive outcome, this . . .

    • Location: Reynolda Hall 301
    • iLab 103 (previously GateKeepers 3): Barriers to Inclusion

    • Wednesday, February 6th, 201910:00 am - 2:00 pm
    • While iLab 101 and 102 help participants focus on developing cultural self-awareness and understanding their own identities and cultural learnings, iLab 103 examines barriers to inclusion that challenge our ability to build and sustain meaningful, equitable relationships and . . .

    • Location: Reynolda Hall 301