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Malika Roman Isler

Brief Biography

 Malika is the Director of Wellbeing. As a Wake Forest alumnna, Malika has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science. She continued her studies and completed a Master of Public Health (Health Promotion) at the University of South Carolina and a PhD in Public Health (Health Behavior and Health Education) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a social scientist, Malika has over 10 years of experience using qualitative approaches to integrate research and programming, develop health and wellbeing programs, and assess program effectiveness. Prior to returning to Wake Forest, she served on the faculty of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, as an administrator and faculty lead with the NC Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute (NC TraCS), and faculty investigator with the Center for Genomics and Society. In these capacities, Malika was on the investigative team for 10 federally and institutionally funded projects and centers, serving as principal investigator for 3 projects. In addition to her role as Director of Wellbeing, she has an appointment in the Department of Health and Exercise Science.