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Fadel Zeidan, PhD

Brief Biography


Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy and Associate Director of Neuroscience at the Wake Forest Center for Integrative Medicine


Wake Forest School of Medicine, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy


Health psychology; cognitive and affective neuroscience; emotion regulation; self-regulation; mindfulness meditation; placebo; expectations; beliefs; meta-awareness; consciousness; depression; anxiety; fibromyalgia; low-back pain; cancer-pain; functional neuroimaging; psychophysics

Dr. Zeidan's programmatic line of research is focused on determining the neural mechanisms that mediate the relationship between self-regulatory practices and health.  He is especially interested in determining if and how mindfulness-based mental training regimens affect pain and self-referential processing.  He is currently conducting studies to examine the effects of mindfulness meditation on a spectrum of chronic pain outcomes.  Dr. Zeidan is currently a K99/R00 scholar and was awarded the 2014 Mitchell Max Award for Research Excellence by the National Institutes of Health for his work on mindfulness meditation and pain.