FourSight: A New Assessment Tool


Members of the Professional Development Center and Wake Forest University Chief Human Resources Office, Carmen Canales, recently completed a certification granting them permission to issue and debrief the FourSight Thinking Profile assessment.  The assessment determines an individual’s preferences among the four-step innovation process.  The four steps in FourSight’s innovation process are:  clarify, ideate, develop, and implement.  The assessment is simple and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.  Debriefing sessions can be done for individuals or teams.  These sessions explore the four steps in the process as well as the many different combinations of preferences.

As our University community is encouraged to drive innovation, this tool is a fantastic new addition for individuals and departments to heighten their awareness for where their preferences lie.  The tool and its related skill sets help support creative thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and cultures of innovation.

For more information about the assessment, please contact John Champlin at


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