140 Characters of Development

The Professional Development Center is committed to providing development opportunities in a variety of ways and through a multitude of media.  We recognize the value of in-person development but also know that resources (especially time) don’t always allow for members of the Wake Forest community to participate in our offerings.  In that light, we’ve recently become more active on the social media site, Twitter.  Our name, @thepdc, is easy to remember whether you’re seeking information, responding to a question, asking for assistance, or connecting in any other way.

Our account will typically tweet about:

-Upcoming events and classes featured on the PDC website

-Leadership quotes and tips (often “retweeted” from leadership experts from around the world)

-Blogs & articles about management practices

-News and information for Higher Education

-Inspiring and innovative Ted Talks

-Health and well-being advice

-PDC Staff updates

It is the hope of the Professional Development Center that this account can serve as another opportunity for dialogue and development for our campus and our community.


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