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Cognos Financial Reporting Training (Organizational Acumen) -

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Cognos Financial Reporting Training (Organizational Acumen)

Come learn about the financial reports available through Cognos! This hands-on course, open to those with current financial reporting responsibilities, will cover accessing Cognos and generating the new and improved summary and transaction reports. 

This class is required before access to the financial reports is granted. To achieve the maximum benefit from this course, a laptop is strongly recommended. 

The reports to be covered include:

  • Operating Summary
  • Operating Summary with Activity and Location
  • Activity Code Summary
  • Location Code Summary
  • Budget Officer Summary
  • Restricted Grant Summary
  • Projects Summary
  • Endowed, Designated, Restricted Contributions, Start Ups and Center Grants Summary
  • Fund Balance Summary
  • Account Analysis Summary
  • Transaction Detail
  • AP Invoice Detail
  • Encumbrance Detail
  • Salary & Fringe Detail
  • Salary & Fringe Encumbrance Detail
  • Agency Fund Detail
  • Reserve Fund Detail
  • PO-Invoice Reconciliation Detail
  • PO-Invoice Reconciliation with Line Items Detail

All of the Summary reports are delivered in two versions – one that is formatted and ready to print or share, and one that is Excel downloadable which is ready for ad hoc analysis.  Summary reports are also delivered with drill down capabilities.