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Finance EDW Training: Accounts Payable & Purchasing

The Finance EDW classes focus on explaining the data available from which to build queries. Becoming familiar with this data empowers Finance staff with the ability to more fully utilize the Cognos tool to answer questions from the campus community more efficiently. Improved familiarity with this data also allows Finance staff the ability to partner more successfully in report requirement development and enhancement.

By the end of this class, using the information provided, participants should be able to:

  • Identify which EDW data source to utilize in a given situation
  • Identify which fields to use for a particular query
  • Develop a query with the appropriate fields using the Cognos tool
  • Analyze query results by comparing with another source
  • Based upon analysis, modify query if necessary to obtain the correct information

This particular module will cover the accounts payable, purchasing, and transaction history data sets.  In addition, the EDW Metadata Google Site will be reviewed so that you can be empowered to find your data when you need it.  The class will have an informal agenda; please bring your questions about how to report off of these data sets.

The following are prerequisites for the EDW class modules:

  • Finance Overview
  • Common Banner Finance Queries
  • Cognos Query Studio for Finance 

Attendees must have a Query Studio license in order to attend class.  If you are unsure of whether or not you have this type of license, please contact Jane Chapman (x3130).

Please note: this class is only open to staff in Budget & Financial Planning, Finance Systems, Financial & Accounting Services, and Procurement Services.