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"Radical Listening" and other Contemplative Approaches to Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - 10/9/2014 -

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"Radical Listening" and other Contemplative Approaches to Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

  1. Thursday, October 9th, 20141:00pm - 2:30pm

Can contemplation enhance student learning?  If so, what would a useful contemplative approach look like in a given discipline?  What are the benefits and challenges of taking an integrated approach to teaching; one that considers cognitive, personal and social aspects of learning?

This workshop gives instructors an opportunity to explore contemplative approaches to teaching and learning in an interactive setting.  Drawing on their experiences with facilitating faculty learning communities on contemplative pedagogy, Dr. Dorothe J. Bach and Dr. John Eric Baugher will share examples of how instructors at the University of Virginia have sought to integrate meditative practices into their courses. Workshop participants will then engage in a structured “radical listening” practice to verbalize their own implicit knowledge of how learning in their field works and consider how contemplative approaches may help deepen engagement and meaning making. Through this combination of reflection, dialogue and imagining, participants will come away with a more nuanced understanding of the potential benefits and challenge of contemplative approaches in teaching and learning as well as practical ideas for the classroom. Prior registration through the PDC is required to participate in this workshop.

Dorothe J. Bach is an Associate Director and Associate Professor at the University of Virginia’s Teaching Resource Center (TRC). In her role as a faculty/educational developer, she facilitates a variety of events and programs designed to enhance the University’s teaching mission. Intensive multi-day workshops, year-long programs, and learning communities include the TRC’s Course Design Institute, the Excellence in Diversity Fellows Program, and the Contemplative Pedagogy Program, among others.

John Eric Baugher, Ph.D. is Associate Director for Contemplative Learning in the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) at U.Va.  In this role, he trains faculty in contemplative pedagogy and develops and coordinates contemplative learning initiatives at U.Va. across all eleven of its schools both on grounds and in the online context with CSC’s Contemplative University initiative.  His work also involves developing and managing a team of instructors with diverse contemplative experience and designing and coordinating research and assessment programs on CSC contemplative learning initiatives.



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