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The PDC has partnered with more than 50 departments by assisting with workshops, conferences, and other events that often require time consuming and taxing registration processes.  As an event management and promotion tool, the PDC features include:e63b4769676511678106921d7eae1e6400646e1b

  • Online Registration
  • Collecting demographic information (i.e. lunch preferences, special needs, accommodations, and other required information)
  • Ability to download daily rosters, including registrants, preferences, and any additional logistical data that is collected
  • Publicity and promotion through the web site that receives hundreds of visitors per day, maintains an e-mail list with over 6000 recipients, and has the option of automatically advertising events on the University Calendar
  • Ability to charge different rates based on registrants affiliation. Payments will be deposited into your departmental account

Pricing Structure

  • Free for events that are Internal (WFU Reynolda Campus) events, which includes faculty, staff, students without additional data collection
  • $250 for events that include community members (for events with over 50 registrants)
  • $350 for events that needs special programming (meal options, *credit cards)
  • $450+ for events that needs special programming (meal options, *credit cards, multiple fee pricing or tier pricing, multiple activities schedules and dates, etc.)

* Credit Cards: 6% processing fee, which includes credit card and Nelnet (University credit/billing partner)

To add an event to the web site please visit:

To learn more about how the PDC can assist you with your upcoming events, please contact Tomma Guastaferro at 758-4394 or e-mail